1. "When people like Cliven Bundy assert the primacy of the past it is important that we do not recount it selectively. American enslavement is the destruction of the black body for profit. That is the past that Cliven Bundy believes “the Negro” to have been better off in. He is, regrettably, not alone."
  2. "A rich guy, a white guy and a black guy sit down at a table together. There’s a plate of 12 cookies, the rich guy grabs 11 of them and says to the white guy “watch out, that black guy’s trying to steal your cookie”."
    The link between class & race and how racial resentment has been used to divide the middle and working class in the U.S (via culturedecay)
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    Tom Hiddleston performing the monologue from Henry V


    This was on Fuse? There may be hope for the future yet. 

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    New Amazingly Surreal Portraits by 19-Year-Old Alex Stoddard

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    (submitted by goldenflower)

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